Wacol, QLD

Location 139 Wacol Station Road, Wacol QLD 4076
Rescue group RSPCA QLD
Rescue Pet ID 1251429
Pound Paws ID 3288
Age 8 months, 4 weeks
Size Medium
Adoption Fee $350.00
Microchip Number 991001004211276
Desexed Yes


Josie is a sweet, sensitive girl who can be quite excitable once she knows you so she is best suited to a home with structure and routine who can set her up to succeed, reinforcing good behaviours and ignoring and re-directing the unwanted ones. Josie can be quite worried and anxious with new people, things and environments, go at her pace and try and make new experiences as positive as possible. Give her space to approach and move away at her own discretion. Don't force her to go up to things, nor let people rush up to her and pat her, gets quite timid and scared when this happens. Josie will need to be allowed indoors to be part of the family as she will bond best if she gets to spend as much time around the family as possible. Recommend crate/mat training to provide her a safe place to retreat to when feeling worried and overwhelmed. Once comfortable with her people can be quite jumpy and excited so she would do well with brain training activities for mental stimulation and confidence building. Josie likes her food so it is recommended she be fed from enrichment ie milk bottles, kong's, egg cartoons, wobblers, go slow bowls etc this will slow her down and provide mental stimulation. Single dog home only as she is quite worried and tense during dog meets and chooses not to approach. If you think I might be the perfect fit for your family, please fill out an adoption application today! Adoption Price: $350