Bull Terrier

Kemps Creek, NSW

Location Animal Welfare League NSW (Kemps Creek Shelter), 1605 Elizabeth Drive
Rescue group Animal Welfare League
Rescue Pet ID 65457
Pound Paws ID 4117
Age 1 years, 7 months, 3 weeks
Size Large
Adoption Fee $350.00
Microchip Number 900164001905255
Desexed Yes


"Hi there, my name is Blizzard but my friends call me Blitz. I've been told I am a very special boy and I am looking for an extra special home. My friends even tell me I am the bested boi and it makes me happy to hear that. I'm a real lounge lizard and I enjoy spending most of my day relaxing on my (I mean 'the') lounge. I like it when my favourite humans are near me but I'm also happy to stay at home by myself like a big boy. I do like to be kept occupied with my favourite toys, a licking mat or a kong with yummy treats and a cosy bed. Life is not fun without games and my favourite game is tug of war and of course I like to win every time. I love routine and I learn quickly with consistency. In fact, I am so clever that I know: sit, wait, come, behind (to walk behind when the humans go up/down stairs), come on (to follow) and stop. I have been told that my last name should be Einstein... Now I have been forced to include here that I am a FOOD THIEF. Apparently if the humans leave out food it's not always for me... "If they make lunch, I'll give it a munch" - my life moto. Being such a foodie, I get so excited at meal times that I have been taught to try be calm before I eat. I am getting better with this but oh boy, I just love food way too much. I eat quite quickly so I would like a special bowl to slow me down and to let the food consumption process take longer for maximum enjoyment. I must say, unfortunately strangers scare me. It's not you, it's me. I'm not trying to point fingers but I do get particularly scared of certain males (usually larger males with dark hair and hats also scare me). My new human parents will need to be willing to spend time getting to know me and work with me so I'm not as much of a scaredy cat anymore. I gain a lot more confidence when I'm around a very social dog so it will help me a lot if I am adopted to a home where I'll have a doggy friend. I can get quite excitable and I enjoy playing rough with other dogs. I'm also hoping that I am adopted to a home with a yard where I can run around and show off how I do zoomies. I'll let you know one more thing which I hope will impress you. My hearing is exceptional! There's a rumour going around that says I can hear a chip packet opening from the other side of a house... If you think I might be the perfect doggy for your family or if you have more questions, please contact the shelter team or call 8777 4445 today. Thank you for reading. Blizzard (Blitz)