Cragieburn, VIC

Location 23 Grasslands Ave, Craigieburn VIC 3064
Rescue group Second Chance Animal Rescue
Rescue Pet ID 10841
Rescue Source Code BR100692
Pound Paws ID 4371
Age 7 months, 4 weeks
Size Small
Adoption Fee $300.00
Microchip Number 956000012865002
Desexed Yes


**PLEASE READ KOKO'S ADOPTION PROFILE CAREFULLY BEFORE APPLYING** Koko is not your typical kitten, she needs to go to an adults only household, where there are sociable cats for her to be with. Koko really prefers cats to humans, and although she has come a long way, will need someone happy to look but not touch. Koko will need her litter box extremely clean. She's a woman that knows her needs and how to get them. She refuses to lower her standards and will require you to follow her rules. Please do not apply if you have children. Koko will need vet visits to be fear free, our vets here are more than happy to continue to see Koko, however if you prefer to go to your own please see a reputable fear free clinic. Koko may get better with some training around handling. This means having a hands off approach, and counter-conditioning using high values treats. One of the most important things would be to gradually build a positive relationship using treats and toys. If you are interested in adopting Koko please put in a detailed application and make sure you meet all criteria below: -Adults only home -Other friendly sociable cat/cats -Experienced with cats that have behavioural issues or willing to learn -Time to spend helping Koko feel better around handling -Willingness to use a fear free vet clinic for future vet visits.