Cragieburn, VIC

Location 23 Grasslands Ave, Craigieburn VIC 3064
Rescue group Second Chance Animal Rescue
Rescue Pet ID 11748
Rescue Source Code BR100692
Pound Paws ID 5905
Age 7 years, 6 months, 2 weeks
Size Small
Adoption Fee $200.00
Microchip Number 981000300673487
Desexed Yes


Koda is an active playful boy and very smoochy for a Bengal cat. He is very playful and loves to chase toys around the place in the evening. He's very curious and loves to explore, climbing on to bookshelves, window sills and stair railings. Koda loves a tall scratch post as well and it would be wonderful if he had one in his new home. As a Bengal breed Koda is quite vocal, especially when stressed. With some love, attention and care has stopped waking the house in the middle of the night. He sleeps through the night and will likely try to climb on your lap or snuggle up to keep you warm. During the day he can be found usually enjoying a sunny spot, looking in to windows, investigating open water sources (i.e. the shower) and playing with some toys. If you have a cat water fountain he will love this. He will also keep you company while you work - he loves to sit on the desk. While not the most affectionate Koda will come up to you on a coach and in bed for a good head scratch. He doesn't mind being picked up for a short while but will let you know when to let him loose with a soft meow. An enclosed outdoor area will be perfect for this boy and to feed his adventurous spirit! LOCATION: FOSTER CARE **Application Process** If you are interested in this pet and ready to adopt now, please send in an application to the SCAR Adoption Team. On the Pet Rescue profile, push the "Enquire About This Pet" button. Follow the prompts to "send enquiry now" and in the message section please tell us all about you and your home. Ensure you tell us about anything specific that you feel makes you a great match for this particular pet, or if you have specific requirements for a pet coming in to your home. The information you provide helps us to start a conversation with potential adopters, and find a great match for pets in our care. Please note the following: We do not take applications for animals over the phone, as we are a small team and are trying our best to be fair to all applicants while creating the best outcomes for our animals. We aim to reply to all applications within 5 business days, and will confirm with all applicants once we have an adoption meet booked for the animal. All of our meet and greets occur at the adoption center in Craigieburn, and all going well you will take home your pet on the day of the meet. The majority of our animals are in a foster home, not at the shelter, so you need to apply via the website to meet them. Thank you! ... because they all deserve one!