Harlow Harry

The ultimate luxe pet paw-fume, oozing with sophistication and glam.

  • Grooming

About this place

Harlow Harry, the Aussie sensation is the ultimate luxe brand which has unleashed a pet-perfume that's just oozes with sophistication and glam!

Prepare for your furball to become the talk of the town as their paw-fume not only smells divine but also attracts compliments from random street admirers. It's the secret weapon for four-legged fabulosity! 

But wait, there's more! Harlow Harry goes beyond just sweet scents; they've concocted a bath grooming range that turns your pet's bath time into a spa-worthy experience. And let's not forget their dog water bowl – it's not just a bowl; it's a fashion statement for your furry friend!

Harlow Harry is also a proud supporter of Pound Paws charity. So, when your pet struts down the street with that irresistible paw-fume, they're not just turning heads; they're helping support our movement to re-home animals.