Domestic Longhair

Kemps Creek, NSW

Location Animal Welfare League NSW (Kemps Creek Shelter), 1605 Elizabeth Drive
Rescue group Animal Welfare League
Rescue Pet ID 65015
Pound Paws ID 4110
Age 3 years, 7 months, 1 weeks
Size Medium
Adoption Fee $175.00
Microchip Number 900164001248491
Desexed Yes


CAN YOU GIVE JERSEY A FOREVER HOME? *8am* "Meow... Meow... FEED ME... Meow... Meow... FEED ME. GET OUT OF BED my human servant, it is time to prepare my delicious breakfast at once. There is not a minute to spare, this is urgent. Every. Time. I must admit, I am a bit of a lazy boy but I do always ensure I keep my purring motor on standby 24/7. Just start patting me and off it goes! I loveeeee people of all ages so much and hanging out with humans makes me so happy. And not just because they feed me my favourite chicken yum yums. I really love cuddles and stretching out for belly rubs after a long, hard day of sleeping and being cute. I'll be sure to wait for you to be busy doing something and then I'll ask you for more cuddles please. Now I must admit, I have been told I need to tell you the truth about my kidneys. They are not as good as they used to be and unfortunately I have been told that they may fail on me within the next few months or years. To try to keep this at bay, I eat a special diet which I love (well, I'll eat anything...) and I'm on a special medication. I still live life to the fullest with this diagnosis and I stay positive and purring. To find out more about my lovely self and to see if you would like to be my future feeder and human slave, please contact the shelter team on 8777 4445 or email to book an appointment to meet me." - Jersey