Australian Cattledog

Cragieburn, VIC

Location 23 Grasslands Ave, Craigieburn VIC 3064
Rescue group Second Chance Animal Rescue
Rescue Pet ID 11669
Rescue Source Code BR100692
Pound Paws ID 5945
Age 2 years, 10 months, 2 weeks
Size Medium
Adoption Fee $400.00
Microchip Number 953010004231337
Desexed Yes


Introducing Soda! As sweet and bubbly as his namesake, Soda would love nothing more than to make a new human best friend to spend his days with. Soda is yet to meet a person he doesn't love and likes nothing more than a cuddle and a scratch along the ribs. Soda is a big fan of long walks where he can work his nose through the long grass is search of new and interesting scents. He's as sharp as a tack and has taken to training like a fish to water - he'd love to show you all his skills! Soda hasn't seen much of the world prior to coming to SCAR and hasn't had the opportunity to meet many other dogs. When he first entered the shelter, he struggled to remain calm when meeting other dogs, but after spending a few weeks working with the staff at SCAR, his social skills have progressed considerably. Soda has been trialling some behavioural meds while with us at SCAR. These medications have helped him feel much better about the world and we are looking for someone to be on board with continuing this while working with Soda's trainer and vet. While Soda still needs careful introductions and is probably never going to find a dog park particularly enjoyable, he's come along in leaps and bounds and is loving getting out for his daily walks around the wetlands with his best dog friend, Nova the Heeler X. That being said, at this stage Soda would prefer to live as an only pet while he continues to work on his social skills. Do you have room in your heart and on your couch for Soda? If so, Soda would love to meet you! LOCATION FOSTERCARE - SPECIAL NEEDS PET *Adoption Process* If you are interested in this pet and ready to adopt now, please send in an application to the SCAR Adoption Team. As this pet has special needs, be sure you tell us why you are a great match for this particular pet. The information you provide helps us to start a conversation about this pet, to find them a great home! We aim to make sure that you fully understand your new pet's needs prior to committing to taking them home, so: For pets with specific medical needs, you will have the opportunity to discuss their requirements with a member of our vet team. For pets with specific behaviour needs, you will have the opportunity to chat with a member of our behaviour team and their foster carer. We also provide ongoing post-adoption support to help you and your new pet develop a great relationship!