Domestic Short Hair

Kemps Creek, NSW

Location Animal Welfare League NSW (Sydney Shelter (Kemps Creek Shelter)), 1605 Elizabeth Drive
Rescue group Animal Welfare League
Rescue Pet ID 75870
Pound Paws ID 8555
Age 8 years, 2 months, 1 weeks
Size Small
Adoption Fee $170.00
Microchip Number 981000300679095
Desexed Yes


Lychee is a sweet and affectionate cat with a chirpy personality. Once she's had some time to settle in, she becomes a loving companion who enjoys gentle petting and cozy snuggles. Her affectionate nature makes her the perfect addition to a calm and quiet household. A serene household without too much noise or sudden movements will help Lychee feel safe and secure. Lychee has lived with multiple cats before and gets along well with feline friends. However, she is also content being the sole focus of your affection if you prefer a single pet. Lychee is the perfect companion for someone looking for a gentle and loving cat who will bring warmth and happiness into their home. Whether you're an experienced cat owner or new to having a feline friend, Lychee's adaptable and affectionate nature will make her a beloved member of your family. Note: This cat is currently being cared for in a home and when adopted, it will free up a spot to help another cat.