Staffordshire Terrier

Kemps Creek, NSW

Location Animal Welfare League NSW (Sydney Shelter (Kemps Creek Shelter)), 1605 Elizabeth Drive
Rescue group Animal Welfare League
Rescue Pet ID 73912
Pound Paws ID 7703
Age 6 months, 1 weeks
Size Large
Adoption Fee $590.00
Microchip Number 991003002445483
Desexed Yes


Meet Goofy! This gorgeous squishy puppy is an absolute delight to be around. With his soft velvet coat and deep adorable eyes, he's literally irresistible in every way! Goofy has a sweet and friendly nature, he loves all people and can be ever-so-gentle. Even though he is a puppy of 5 months, he's quick to learn, food motivated and is happy for some exercise but equally enjoys relaxing with his people. Goofy has a bit more growing to do and we do believe that he will grow into a medium/large dog with a decent amount of strength. He is currently at 20.5kgs in weight. It's essential this boy receives continued ongoing training and guidance when he goes to his new home. He has some great foundations in place and the ability to learn and understand, so someone committed to providing him with ongoing training and socialization is vital. This commitment will ensure he develops into a social and well-rounded family pet. Goofy is already quite good on lead but can be strong if he wants to get something (new smells and sights). He knows how to sit, is working on laying down, he travels well in the car and is learning to stay, his toilet training is coming along nicely and he signals when he needs to be let out to the toilet. He loves to be inside and included in family activities but is slowly learning to spend time on his own as well. Goofy does currently exhibit some separation anxiety related behaviours when left alone, so an owner committed to slowly getting him used to self-soothing and being alone will be beneficial for him for the entirety of his life. Goofy currently needs to be the only pet in the household and will need further safe exposure and socialisation with other dogs and animals, as they currently scare him. Being such a young dog, if he receives the right training and advice quickly this issue may extinguish completely. We're confident this darling little guy won't stay at the shelter for long, give us a call to meet him today!